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Sam Bogart is a bear detective with one simple solution for any complex puzzle - strong fist punch!
"Vixen in Distress" is a first volume of Sam Bogart adventures - our bear hero solves a case of troubled Vixen (or is she really?).

Beat all the opponents in each chapter and fight with the powerful bosses to uncover further bits of the story!

"In Sam Bogart vol. 1, players take on the role of a down-and-out detective who shares the name of the game. A pretty fox (she really is a fox. I'm not being rude) walks in his front door and into his life, looking for help to find her kidnapped sister.

As any good detective would do, Bogart calls the lady beautiful and agrees to help her. His method of detecting involves punching bad guys in the face. It doesn't matter whether they have anything to do with the case. If they are bad, they get punched."

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